Help Wanted at Joe’s Farm

Farm Stand Manager/ Assistant Farm Manager

JOE’s Farm is seeking one reliable, hard working, open-minded and fun individual to help in the farm fields, manage our farm stand, and assist in food preparation. The farm is located on just over two acres of land in Williamsburg, MA, and we have begun to rent portions of nearby fields to increase our capacity. Officially, we are a subsidiary of the Northampton Brewery, and our main goal is to grow produce for the Brewery’s kitchen. We also maintain a small farm stand and occasionally sell to other clients. We are not certified organic but we use all organic practices.
The farm is operated by a two-person crew consisting of a year-round farm manager and an assistant manager. The assistant farm manager works full-time from May to October with more-or-less 40hr work weeks, along with some part-time work in early spring and late fall. This individual is responsible for managing the farm stand (opening and closing, stocking, and keeping track of stock), and shares field work responsibilities with the manager.
The right candidate will probably have at least two seasons of organic vegetable farming experience. The work is very varied, and the two crew members have to be able to work both independently and as efficient team. Both of us will be learning a lot about soil and fertility management, time-tracking and increasing efficiency, making compost, etc!
The farm is currently in its fifth year of operation, and is in a transition period, with personnel changes, land-use changes etc. Thus, the assistant manager will have the opportunity to help envision the future of the farm and would potentially have the opportunity to take over management of the farm in the future.

$12/hr wage
full time generally May through September, part time on either side

Experience with organic vegetable farming, preferably 2 + seasons
Some experience with farm equipment operation
Ability to self-motivate and be flexible
Reliable transportation to Williamsburg, MA
A sense of humor

Experience with tractor operation and basic maintenance
Light carpentry skills
Interest in being involved with the farm for multiple seasons

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to, along with at least two references (one professional).
The cover letter should address your interest in and experience with farming and farm work, as well as this particular job; some of your strengths/areas of expertise in farming (and some areas where you are less experienced or could improve); why you would be a good fit for helping run a small farm with one other individual; and how working at the farm might fit into your future plans.