Community Pint Night

Every Tuesday night, we work together to optimize your pints’ potential…

OUR JOB:  We give you a 25 ¢ Community Pint Night Token for each pint of beer you drink.

YOUR JOB:  You get to donate each token to any of our 3 featured charities!

Enjoy a pint of local, hand-crafted beer and give YOUR token of appreciation to help support our community! The donation box is on the wall by our inside bar. You’ll find information there on the services provided by each of our charities!

Our beer is brewed by two green-thumbed brewers using solar energy. Our spent grain, high in protein, is used as feed on a local farm.  It’s already a pint to feel good about!

Come on in  TUESDAY NIGHTS. Support local nonprofits and raise your pint for a worthy cause!

Are you part of a nonprofit interested in participating?  Click here to get started!